Ninja Cleaning Services


Make your home or workplace look new and inviting, and experience revitalization from a fresh, clean carpet.

We can remove even the toughest stains and debris to make any carpet look, smell, and feel as good as the first day you had it.


Tile and Grout can be a long, arduous process to properly clean and maintain.

Using state of the art equipment, we can quickly and efficiently remove any build up of dirt and stains to whiten your grout and prevent future penetration of dirt and particles.


Hardwood floors can be very absorbent, which leaves a higher risk for mold and chance to warp if left unmaintained.

Restore your floor back to its original state with Ninja Restoration, and see why we are the best in Arizona.


Upholstery can start to degrade from the trapped dust and dirt that hide in the fibers.

We wash, moisturize, and revitalize your furniture to increase longevity, protect you from allergens and give you a good excuse to kick back and relax on the couch.



Soil, oil, and buildup can accrue over time which looks unappealing and can also be a cause for some serious health hazards.

Maintain the integrity of your stone (and your health!) with a deep clean by Ninja Restoration.


Fine Rugs

You invested a lot into the purchase of your rug, so you don’t want to take any chance ruining it.

That’s why we use only the highest quality products to delicately clean and restore your fine rug back to new.



VCT, or Vinyl Composition tile, has a frustrating tendency to quickly turn dull and grimy.

Restore the shine, stay up to code, and extend the life of your floor, with an efficient clean by our experts at Ninja Restoration.


Make your home or workplace look new and inviting, and feel proud of the space you’re in.

Polishing can remove scratches, dullness and wear so that your floors are continuously looking their best.


Pressure Washing

The build-up of too much debris can lead to erosion, causing cracks and irreversible damage.

We will remove the built-up layers of dirt and grime and provide you with a long lasting clean in order to save you money in the long run.


Pool Tile Restore

Pool tiles can become sun worn and dingy. Brighten and restore your backyard escape by trusting us to clean and restore your pool tiles to their original finish.


Pet Stain Removal

Dog and Cats can leave your home flooring discolored and smelly. We remove pet stains and pet odors from your carpets. We can  make your carpet look, smell, and feel as good as the first day you had it.


Looking to make your garage into a workable space. Instead of treating your garage as a storage area, get your garage concrete floor polished and looking like a showroom.

We Take Pride In Every Job We Do

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